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BREAKING NEWS! We now offer the abillity to put your music in front of all major music TV channels, please email us at acousticspectrum@reddragonrecords.com for further details


Acoustic Spectrum is a new MULTI radio and television station creating valuable exposure for musicians seeking additional exposure using both forms of media. 


Radio Submissions: For requirements to submit to us please see here for details


Advertising with us: Do you have a release coming up? Or perform a service for the music industry? Would you like to reach 40+ countries? We offer advertising slots for 50p each and can even supply your advert which you can do what you want with! For more details head HERE


Acoustic Spectrum is all about music promotion, using a whole range of connections within the industry to import radio shows worldwide and export our own shows back to those stations. For you, means that if we play your song you can guarantee it is getting to many tens of thousands, if not millions of people worldwide. Our own servers alone transmit 12,500 gigabytes of music per month.




Partners include FATEA Magazine, Red Dragon Records, and New Music Connection, MuzikiOnline

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